Guimbal listed No. 1 in customer support in Vertical survey

Hélicoptères Guimbal has once again achieved the top scores for customer satisfaction in Vertical magazine’s annual survey, both globally and in North America.

Precision Support Services in McMinnville, Oregon, as the U.S. distributor for new aircraft and the supporting entity for North America, is proud to partner with Guimbal to achieve these high rankings in customer satisfaction.

This past year Precision and Guimbal have been working to bring back the in-person customer support and training opportunities that were lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to visiting many U.S. operators in person to learn more about how it can support them and their aircraft, Precision and Guimbal have provided opportunities for factory training hosted in the U.S — both for flight operations and for maintenance.

 “We believe that being the best for our customers is more than just delivering a high quality, safe, and reliable product — it is being available to support them with the factory quality training to aid in the practical side of operations and maintenance. Guimbal and Precision think and act with an operator-attitude that allows for constant, real-time improvement and a commitment to the highest standards for best practices,” said Sarah Brazel, Precision’s manager for Guimbal sales and support.

Upgrades to the Cabri G2 over the past couple years have been numerous, from large optional advancements like the all-glass Garmin panel and air conditioning to smaller improvements like the infrared-blocking windscreen, sensor improvements, and upgrades to commonly replaced parts.

While less flashy, the upgrades to the quality routine parts are in direct response to customer feedback and Guimbal’s commitment to providing a quality and economical product.

Not only is Precision thankful to be partnered with a company like Guimbal, the company said it is blessed to have the best customers around. Its primary market of flight schools is full of passionate aviators committed to training the next generation in the safest and most modern trainer available while our ever-increasing population of private owners show an unparalleled dedication to safe operation and real-time feedback.

This press release was prepared and distributed by Precision Support Services.