Precision congratulates Guimbal for top ranking

Precision Support Services, LLC., Helicopteres Guimbal’s North American Distributor congratulates Guimbal for achieving the top spot in Vertical Magazine’s Helicopter and Manufacturers Survey.

Guimbal earned the highest marks both globally, and specifically in North America. “Here at Precision, we have a dedicated Cabri USA team.” said David Rath, CEO. “Our team works to support every aircraft in the United States and Canada. One area we have dramatically stepped up our game in domestic customer support is by way of maintenance.” 

Precision has a factory trained maintenance team available to travel to any Cabri in the U.S. and perform the more rigorous airframe inspections, service bulletin upgrades, and on the job training to local mechanics. “Precision’s goal is every mechanic who touches a Cabri will have easy access to factory training.” Said Grayson Barrows, general manager for Precision. “This strategy improves the longevity of parts, the quality of operation, and most importantly, the high safety standard of the aircraft. In other words, our mobile maintenance team wants to put themselves out of work.”

“On behalf of Precision and the Cabri USA network, congratulations to Guimbal on their success in this year’s survey.” Said Rath. “As part of the global Guimbal team, thank you to our customers, you are why we do what we do.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has sent shock waves through every industry in the world. “For companies like Guimbal, who are headquartered in Europe, many of the regulations set into place to protect citizens form the virus were very strict and came down without a lot of notice” said Raphael Yver, head of customer support for Guimbal. “One advantage Guimbal has, being a privately owned and operated company comparatively to the other OEMs, is we were able to adapt to the challenges by pivoting quickly as each new regulation was imposed and thus maintain the dedicated support our customers have come to expect. We implemented a 24/7 online ordering system which has proven it’s great efficiency during the pandemic.”

This press release was prepared and distributed by Precision Support Services, LLC.