Legendary operator integrates Cabri

It is clear 2020 and 2021 brought new uncertainties to supply chains worldwide. From the manufacturing of basic materials to the delivery of goods to buyers, everything and everyone has experienced new complications, shortages, and delays. Businesses and consumers alike have learned to adapt and cope with disappointment. However, we can all agree one sector must not be negatively impacted by the craziness of this world and the fragility of the international economy – Christmas.

Throughout 2021, the procurement team at the North Pole evaluated more economical, reliable, and safer transportation options. As a result, St. Nicholas and his helpers have chosen to begin the integration of the Cabri G2 to the most iconic trade route in the world. Watch out Rudolph, Guimbal is coming to town. 

Santa first approached Precision and Guimbal regarding this change in their logistics plan when they realized Christmas cannot be put in jeopardy. According to Santa, “This job, arguably the most important job in the world, must be completed using tools that reflect its mission. I need a flying machine that is ready to go, operates with minimal down time, flies in periods of snow and is easy to fix on the road. When Santa goes AOG, the whole world knows it.”

For as long as Santa has been circling the globe on December 24th, it has been taken for granted he would arrive safely at each destination, having no engine failures on take-off, seamlessly handling millions of off airport landings, and combatting the pilot fatigue that comes with night flying. According to Mrs. Claus “it is about time Santa started flying something designed with 21st century safety standards. With its fully articulated high inertia rotor system, crash resistant fuel tank, crash attenuating seats, and carbon fiber construction, the Cabri G2 differentiates itself from competitors in terms of safety.” 

Santa Claus, who has been using the same technology for thousands of years, is especially pleased with the all-glass Cristal panel featuring the Garmin G500 Txi which is paired with the latest in avionics options for transponders and radios. Coupled with features like all-around visibility, a luxurious and ergonomic interior, dual station electric trim, cabin heat and air conditioning, and an electronic display which provides information on 36 parameters, Santa can complete his journey more physically and mentally comfortable than ever before. 

David Rath, CEO at Precision, says “One of Precision’s core values is to Enjoy the Mission. We work hard for our clients, and for each other, because this is what we love to do. Precision is proud to partner with Guimbal to offer the best support in the world to our clients, Welcome to the Cabri family Santa Claus.” 

From all of us at Precision and Guimbal: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a safe flight.

This press release was prepared and distributed by Precision.