Precision and Guimbal believe that being the best in customer support means not only providing a superior product, but also sharing with our customers the best practices for training and maintenance. 

Precision is authorized to conduct Factory Maintenance Training here in the U.S. We periodically offer these at our Oregon location or can do these at G2 operator facilities with their entire team on an as needed basis. The Guimbal factory also hosts several trainings in English at their factory in France each year.

Precision and Guimbal partner each year to host a Factory Instructor Training in Oregon, USA. The goal of the IFT, provided by Guimbal Factory Pilots and designed in partnership with Guimbal’s distributors from across the world, is to both cement best practices for training in the G2 and address potential mistakes commonly seen in flight training. When a manufacturer has designed an aircraft for use in the training sphere, it isn’t enough to just provide the normal materials used in aircraft familiarization training.

Precision is also authorized to conduct advanced instructor training with any flight schools or private individuals who desire this for themselves and their team.

Guimbal has published numerous training documents for customer use on their support portal including maintenance training syllabus and handbook, pilots training handbook and the recently published flight instructor guide.

For more information on any of these training options or for access to training materials, please contact us.