North American Cabri fleet surpasses 50,000 flight hours

Precision Support Services, LLC., Guimbal’s North American dealer, announced that the North American fleet of Guimbal Cabri G2s exceeded 50,000 flight hours.  

There are over forty Cabri G2s operating in the U.S. and Canada, representing 20+ flight schools, community colleges, universities, and private operators. Precision and Guimbal partnered to import the first Cabri G2 into the United States in 2014, helping the aircraft to reach FAA certification in 2015. Since then, the fleet has grown steadily with particular success in collegiate level Part 141 programs.

“We aren’t trying to be the trainer for the student who is trying to get done as quickly as possible and to save a penny at every corner,” said David Rath, CEO. “Rather, our market is the programs who prioritize a platform with high quality systems and features, unparalleled safety standards, and long-term economic value. These programs see the importance of an aircraft like the Cabri, that can safely and efficiently be used to train the next generation of pilots and prepare them for success in fields such as utility, EMS, and corporate transportation.

As the fleet continues to grow, and accumulates flight hours, the Precision team has met the challenge of increased parts demand, more customer support needs, and additional maintenance requirements, no small feat in a world facing a pandemic. Whether it is sending out teams to perform and train the more advanced maintenance and flight procedures or overseeing every step of importing a new aircraft for a client, the Precision team stands ready to support the North American fleet however they can. 

“The operators and mechanics in the Guimbal Network are a pleasure to work with and support” said Sarah Brazel, Precision’s manager of Guimbal sales and support. “They can reach us 24/7 and know that when they call, our team will do their best, day or night, to get them back up and running with as little down time as possible. We are blessed to have high quality, dedicated individuals on our team, and to work on behalf of such a fantastic group of clients.” 

Worldwide, Guimbal has manufactured nearly 300 Cabri G2s with a collective 350,000 flight hours. These aircraft are certified and operated in 35 countries, across 6 continents. The G2 is no longer a new aircraft on the scene. It has a proven track record of safety, quality, and excellence in flight. 

This press release was prepared and distributed by Precision Support Services, LLC.