Usage Information
Enter the amount of time you fly this aircraft each year as well as the number of hours you charter or lease this aircraft. By providing this information we can calculate your cost per flight hour and cost per flight hour offset by charter revenue in the summary section below.
Enter Owner Flight Hours
Enter Lease/Charter Hours
Enter Lease/Charter Rate (Hourly inc fuel)
Loan Payment Calculator 
{Purchase Information
Purchase Price (€) 
Current exchange rate
Purchase Price (USD)
Down Payment (%)
Down Payment (USD)
Loan amount
Annual interest rate
Loan period in years
Start date of loan
Monthly payment
Number of payments
Total interest
Total cost of loan
Fixed and Variable Costs
All fixed and variable cost data is editable. Costs in this section were determined through experience and may or may not precisely represent your mission profile or business needs, please adjust as necessar to reflect your situation.
Fixed Costs
Crew Salaries / Owner Expenses
Employee Benefits @30%
Pilot Recurrent Training
Maintenance Recurrent Training
Insurance Hull + Liability
Provision for Time-Limited Equipment (Fuel Bladder, Seat Belts)
Garmin Navigation Database
Foreflight Services
Other Fixed Costs
Total Fixed Costs
Variable Costs
Enter Fuel Price (USG) 
Fuel Consumed per Flight Hour (USG) 
Fuel Cost Gal/
Engine Oil .1 Qt/fl hr
Scheduled Maintenance (Inspections)
Unscheduled Maintenance (Average Wear, SB's)
Provision for Flight Hour Limited Equipment (Engine, Gearboxes, Magneto)
Total Variable Costs
The Analytic Summary is a compilation of all Usage and Cost Information. You can go back to the Usage Information section or any of the cost sections to make additional inputs for cash flow analysis purposes. This section reflects annual operating costs. 
Flight Hours - Owners Usage
Lease/Charter Hours
Total Lease/Charter Revenue
Total Annual Charter/Lease Variable Costs
Net Charter Revenue
Total Annual Payment
Total Annual Fixed Costs
Total Owner Annual Variable Costs
Total Owner Flown Annual Expenses
Owner Cost per Flight Hour
Total Annual Income Adjusted for Charter Hours
Total Owner Cost per Flt Hour Adj for Charter Revenue
Total Cost per Flt Hour Adj for Charter Revenue
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