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The Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter is the safest and most modern two seat helicopter on the market. The Cabri G2 proves its high reliability every day all around the world. Stay confident and have fun at all times!


The Cabri G2 is felt by many to be the very best in helicopter technology.

The high quality of craftsmanship and proven technology, coupled with minimal downtime, and with many parts having no life limit, the Cabri G2 is simply one of the most economical crafts in its class.

With its composite fuselage, fully articulated main rotor system, Fenestron® tail rotor, infinite life composite blades, and state of the art avionics, this revolutionary machine is guaranteed to be a solid investment.

features of the Cabri G2


An ultra strong, light and resistant composite airframe ensures safety and stability in all situations. The construction allows a high efficient operation with no compromise in safety. The airframe design got through extensive test procedures and is approved for all expectable situations.


The reliable Lycoming engine is fitted with a smart digital governor that gives a turbine – like behaviour, and a state-of-the-art electronic ignition requiring no maintenance. It will start without problems from hot to very cold temperatures.

Model: Textron Lycoming O360-J2A
Type: Four cylinder, air cooled
Displacement: 5.9L /
Power Rating: 119Kw / 160Hp


Cabin occupants enjoy a roomy, luxurious, leather – clad cockpit, with perfect all – round visibility and outstanding ergonomics.

Rudder pedals can be set instantly to fit your size. You will feel at home in the Cabri G2, with cup holder, cabin heating, new vents, music input and power outlet to charge your cell phone.


The heart of the avionics is the EPM, a dedicated multi-function display monitoring 36 parameters and providing advanced functions such as: Smart power indicator, Engine & Rotor RPM, Advanced fuel computer, Automatic carburettor heating, Transmission chip detectors.

You can choose between many different avionics configurations, including moving – map GPS, dual COM, etc. At the top of the range, the new Aspen digital PFD/HSI makes the Cabri a perfect glass cockpit IFR trainer.

Rudder pedals can be set instantly to fit your size. You will feel at home in the Cabri G2, with cup holder, cabin heating, new vents, music input and power outlet to charge your cell phone.


The luggage compartment is just over 7 cubic feet , and can accommodate the luggage of two people, including two airline – cabin suitcases. The compartment’s shelf is accessible in flight, to hold small items like maps, a sweater or a camera. You can also keep your jacket with you, under the seat. The luggage compartment is readily accessible via a watertight door, locked from the cockpit.

There is also a cockpit forward compartment with 0.7 cubic feet of storage space which can accommodate small items, plus the removable passenger side dual-control set.


3 Bladed & Maintenance Free

The maintenance free rotor is incredibly strong, amazingly manoeuvrable and comes with a lot of inertia for safe, demonstrative and forgiving autorotations. Fly with confidence in winds and turbulences that would ground most light helicopters. Terms like mast bumping are history.


Fenestron ®

The Cabri G2 comprises a shrouded tail rotor, usually referred to as a Fenestron that was proven to provide excellent manoeuvrability in every flight condition, in every direction of flight up to 35 kts in the hover. Furthermore, it increases the safety for people on the ground and helps to prevent damage from lose objects from the sky and cabin.

Extensive flight testing of the Cabri G2 and of other helicopters equipped with a Fenestron have shown that such tail rotor are immune to stall and LTE.

Technical Specifications

Technical Drawings

Main Performance

Equipped empty weight420 kg (925 lb)
Maximum Gross Weight700 kg (1542 lb)
Maximum level speed @ 100% (s.l. ISA)100 kt (185 km/h)
Cruise speed @ 85%90 kt (166 km/h)
Vne (s.l.)130 kt (240 km/h)
IGE hovering ceiling (@ 700 kg)5000 ft
Hovering ceiling (2x77 kg + fuel 2 hrs)7500 ft
Range @ 85 % (15 min reserve)380 NM (700 km)
Maximum endurance @ 50 kt (no reserve)5 hr 40
Noise level @ 100% (certified)75.7 dB SEL

Rotors & Transmission

Main Rotor
TypeArticulated, soft-in-plane
Number of blades3
Diameter7.2 m (23.6 ft)
Chord180 mm (7.1 in)
Speed1530 RPM
Tail Rotor
Number or blades7
Diameter0.6 m (23.6 in)
Chord42 mm (1.6 in)
Speed5148 RPM
Primary TransmissionBelt with a reduction ratio of 0.855/1
Main GearboxBevel spiral gear with a reduction ratio of 11/47
Tail GearboxBevel spiral gear with a multiplication ratio of 25/11

Powerplant | Ignition | Fuel

Engine ModelTextron Lycoming O360-J2A with STC EASA E.S.01001
TypeHorizontally-opposed, four-cylinder, air-cooled
Atmospheric, carburetted
Double-ignition with one magneto and one electronic ignition
Displacement361 (5.9 litres)
Max Continuous Power145 shp @ 2585 - 2700 tr/min (108 kW)
Nominal Speed2650 RPM
CoolerDirect-drive squirrel-cage blower
Takeoff power160 Shp 5 min
Electronic IgnitionLSE Plasma II - HG
Condenser discharge
Variable spark advance
Fuel System
Max Capacity170 litres (45 US Gal)
Unusable Quantity1.5 litre (0.4 US Gal)
Approved Fuel TypeAvgas 100 LL

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